Needless to say we are embarking on a season where we throw caution to the wind with dietary needs, and basically blame the holiday season for ruining our sensibility toward eating healthy. There’s one food that surfaces this time of year, which should remain on the menu the other 11 months.

According to fitness experts Laurie Towers and Elite Ziegelman, of The Bridal Body Shop, “What most people don’t realize when reaching for other sources of protein (like beef), is that 4oz of skinless turkey packs about 30 grams of LEAN protein at a only 161 calories and 3 grams of fat! It’s also loaded with Vitamin B and phosphorous, which are a wonderful antioxidant and a great partner in bolstering the immune system. Turkey even helps to regulate cholesterol levels, and encourage healthy blood circulation.

Are you having problems getting to sleep? Nothing like a little tryptophan to trigger serotonin production, to help you get some shuteye.
As far as a turkey vs. chicken…sadly, unless it’s Thanksgiving time, chicken would commonly rein supreme as a source for protein.
-Less fat
-Higher in calcium
– Lower in sodium

Be sure to keep this healthy source of protein around longer than the annual visit, and watch your body start giving thanks!

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