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Sports Massage Therapy


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About Us

 Physical Advantage can boast twenty years of international accolades in print, online and broadcast media commencing with a cover feature on Laurie Towers in Manhattan’s Resident newspaper, May 1996. Physical Advantage has been awarded the “Best of New York” by New York magazine over five years and featured in Vogue, Allure, Vanity Fair, Fox 5 NY television, the New York Daily News, Glamour, Elle, Los Angeles radio, the New York Post, Tokyo Broadcasting television, Time Out NY, Gotham, Picky’s (Japan), Newsday, Men’s Fitness RX, Shecky’s NY, WDST-FM Radio Woodstock, and the French and London editions of Vogue, among others. Ms. Towers has also authored articles for magazines Massage, Shape, Flex, Muscle and Fitness for Women, Bella and Muscle Sport. Physical Advantage’s flagship location is at 119 West 57th Street, Suite 207, New York NY 10019, on Manhattan’s West Side just across from the Russian Tea Room, near Carnegie Hall. Sessions are by appointment only. Please contact us to inquire: PHONE: (212) 460-1879 – EMAIL:  .

 “SHE’S RAISING THE BAR” Radio: During Women’s History Month 2017, Physical Advantage’s popular internet radio show the Bridal Body Shop expanded its format as it became She’s Raising the Bar. The redesigned program expands on the core issue of women’s empowerment stressed in the original, which focused on the fitness of brides-to-be. She’s Raising the Bar, however, speaks to the shattering of the glass ceiling as it offers a platform for women’s sense of self, strength and standing, through perspectives physical, emotional and socio-political–a strengthening of body and mind. The program also allows for the humorous exchanges and inter-play that made the original format so enjoyable to its many listeners.  In addition to the array of fascinating guests the program sports, a special monthly feature is the Roundtable, a discussion forum for co-hosts Laurie Towers and Elite Ziegelman and an alternating group of women in the arts, business and various professions tackling issues that are topical and stirring, inspirational and entertaining. She’s Raising the Bar  airs each Wednesday afternoon at 1PM EST or anytime via our archives: .
Laurie Towers Laurie Towers, founder and CEO of Physical Advantage PC, has singularly developed a brand of sports massage, athletic training and alternative health over a 20-year period that has earned her numerous accolades. Among Ms.Towers’ clientele are athletes and performers of renown drawn from professional sports teams of New York, New Jersey, Boston and the surrounding area as well as major dance troupes, the Broadway stage, theatre and film actors of note, touring musicians, opera singers from abroad and others. Ms. Towers and Physical Advantage can boast a dizzying array of coverage and awards from New York magazine’s “Best of” (a five-time winner) as well as most of the major periodicals and blogs covering beauty and health, from Vogue to Glamour and Allure.

“The Anti-Spa” is the tag affixed to Physical Advantage’s East 57th Street flagship by journalists over the years: uniquely, the practice is based in restorative, corrective therapies as opposed to the relaxation-focused massage most expect. Ms. Towers designed her brand against type and against the odds. A fitness specialist prior to completing professional training in medical massage therapy, Towers’ seven years of post-graduate work with physicians–coupled with unrelenting tenacity–laid the groundwork for Physical Advantage PC. In 1996, with one month’s borrowed rent from her mother (really!), Laurie opened an office on Broadway and within a few years she designed her current multi-room office in the penthouse of the building that is now her flagship location. With true entrepreneurial flair, Towers engaged in wide outreach to the local community as well as the sports, fitness and performing arts communities and independently grew her business to large proportions. A cover story in a local paper in ’96 led to a whopping 47 articles (and growing) on Towers’ business in magazines from around the globe. At the present, Physical Advantage employs 15 licensed massage therapists and certified trainers who are deployed to numerous tri-state area locations, as well as a small administrative staff. Ms. Towers scope was furthered when, in 2012, she created a radio program geared toward the fitness needs of brides and grooms. To date “The Bridal Body Shop” ( has a listening audience of approximately 50,000. The company slogan “No fluff, no candles…no kidding” has garnered its praise and expanse. In whatever spare time she has, Ms. Towers has spoken at organizations for women in need and acted as a mentor for girls deemed at-risk. Running a successful business with a core value of the health and well-being of others has inspired Towers’ professional goals and fed her sense of self.

For media inquiries, please contact John Pietaro, Communications Manager (646) 599-0060





Deep Connective Tissue

concentrated , precise and deliberate manipulation of the muscles and targeting the overall separation of adhesions .

Cross Fiber Friction

Vigorous frictional strokes applied to elongate and stretch the contracted muscles.

Trigger Point Therapy

the application of denying the muscle oxygen with finger pressure , to force the fibers to disengage with contact .

Myofascial Release

Fascia is an envelope of connective tissue that acts as the encasement of a muscle .Often through injury , this envelope sticks to the skin of muscle impeding muscle contraction . The deeper work around the connective tissue will cause the fascia to release and allow the muscle to resume normal functioning.

Sports Massage (pre and post event)

Pre-event sports massage is to ensure the muscles engaged will be primed and fully capable of the movement. It will sometimes incorporate joint mobility in addition to the specific strokes necessary specific to sport of choice. This modality minimizes the rate or extent of injury incurred. It is important to note that a massage does not replace a proper athletic warm up or cool down, though. Stretching before or after depending on philosophy ,is still indicated .Where the pre-event massage gets the adrenaline pumping, a post-event massage is designed to bring the athlete back to earth and encourages rest/digest mode. A post-event sports massage reduces spasm and cramping as well as pain and promotes a more accelerated return to activity and recovery in general.



  • “Physical Advantage is my physical savior. I work at a computer all day, and my lowers back, neck and shoulders are constantly sore and stiff. They know where to go and how to fix it. Pure gold.”

    – Sarah Battaglia

  • “Laurie Towers is the best massage therapist I have EVER been to hands down! She is extremely knowledgeable about human anatomy, stronger than any other therapist and I always feel better after seeing her. A deep tissue massage with Laurie is no walk in the park, but you’ll always feel better after she is done with you?”

    – Tom Guthrie

  • “As a veteran professional dancer and dance instructor, I was devastated when, following a car accident and painful back and hip injuries, I found myself barely able to get out of my apartment let alone engage in my art. Though I was already being treated by a physician and had tried standard physical therapy, I was referred to Laurie Towers by several colleagues and reached out to her with my particular story and also explained my absolute inability to get to her office. As I live close by Laurie agreed to come to me to begin the first weeks of my course of treatment, though her schedule normally doesn’t allow for such a luxury. I came to look to our weekly sessions with great anticipation as results were notable and allowed me to regain a sense of self. In between therapy sessions I focused on the exercise prescription she gave me. Wow! Over the course of this therapy, I slowly found myself back on my feet without pain. I continued the course of therapy, albeit now able to get to Physical Advantage, every week and began to re-experience my dance career following a dark period of doubt. I continue with treatment, two years later, for regular maintenance. Thank you, Laurie Towers!”

    – Dance Muse

  • “After seeing Laurie Towers interviewed on TV recently, I became a client; now there’s no looking back. As a professional musician, I experience so many muscle aches, strains, it’s hard to keep working. This woman understands the physical demands performers live with–it’s amazing. Massage is no luxury for some of us–with Laurie, it’s a necessity. Moreso, her work is all therapy, no fluff.”

    – Gene Charles


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For media inquiries:
John Pietaro , Communications Manager

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